To suggest that demand

To suggest that demand will outstrip supply is to understate things.I believe we could sell in excess of, tickets for this game FIFA 17 Coins. As a Club, all we can do is to try to ensure that our allocation ends up in the hands of those who have proved their dedication to Everton.we understand many will miss out but there is very little else we could do given the circumstances forced on us. Everyone at this Club has worked tirelessly to grow our season ticket base.


We now know a number of those season ticket holders will not receive a ticket for our biggest game in years and that is damaging to the work being carried out. Whilst acknowledging that many supporters will seriously consider going down other avenues in search of tickets, I would urge them to steer well clear of the countless internet ticket agencies which claim to already have tickets – they do not. The only way supporters can be guaranteed a genuine Cup Final ticket is by meeting the criteria as set out through the Club. For full details of how Everton intend to distribute tickets for the Cup Final

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