The world’s most expensive line of three people Qi Gong Gong

In this summer window, Manchester City to check in Walker, Mendy, Danilo, Bernardo – Silva, Edson spent a full 200 million pounds, especially in order to check in three full-back, Manchester City Invested £ 133 million, which sparked media controversy. Guardiola said, “Buy FIFA 18 Coins just a few years ago, or even 2, 3 years to sign, for a player to spend 100 million or 120 million pounds or can not imagine, but now has become a reality. All the clubs are spent A lot of money, not just us. ”
Of course, Manchester City’s investment is to see the results but also reflected in the court. 2016 summer window check-in Stone became the world’s highest worth of defender, but last season’s performance is not satisfactory, and in the summer window check-in Walker has become the world’s highest worth of right back, against Manchester United Manchester City debut before the completion of the former Tottenham brakes the same poor performance.
And against Manchester United, Guardiola campaign out of the 352 formation, Otamendi, Stone, Kompany composed of three Zhongwei, Walker continue to start on the right, and the first appearance for Manchester City Daniluo served Left back. The face of Bell, Benzema, Islamic composition of the Real Madrid offensive line, Manchester City’s new line of defense despite the performance is not perfect, but also remarkable, especially in the first 30 minutes, Real Madrid even only three shots, and in the The first half, only the long-range of Islam, Benzema’s small angle shot and Casimiro’s header to create a threat.
Guardiola likes to use the edge of both offensive and defensive side guard, Alves is the most appropriate example. Effectiveness of Barcelona, ​​Alves and Messi formed the strongest partner, Messi used to cut, which for Alves left a sufficient offensive space. And in the change after 352 formation, the right hand to the same Walker, de Boulogne often sent in the midfield Zhise, and Walker is often found behind Marcelo space.
Slightly regrettable that the face of the old master Daniluo mediocre, defensive often repeated by the former teammates, the attack can not create a threat. The most obvious that Dani Luo and the new teammates lack of understanding of the scene appeared in the first half, the circle of arc in the circle, the frontcourt unmarked Modrić right foot oblique pass, Ball, Daniluo also indicate the opponent offside, did not realize that they have been dislocation. In 352 this formation, the two sides of the back of the assists will be one of the key, Walker is quite adapt to this formation, Daniluo obviously need time.

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