The other three chaos

Al: patriot a procession The other three chaos
Since the 2001 season since the quarterback Tom brady, become main force, after 15 years, don’t get division crown patriot only 2 times, one of them or because brady injury throughout the season Madden Mobile Coins.With four games remaining this season, the patriots are leading division second dolphin three games, look division crown is once again.But the patriots has recently suffered serious injuries, and last season’s playoffs also proves that the home-court advantage in the playoffs is also very important.Patriot can resist injury pressure, every get al the top seed, is in the next few weeks

In addition to the east, the other three division there are a lot of suspense Madden Coins.Al north side is the crow and the steelers errenzhuan.In 16 weeks of Christmas directly will be the heavenly Kings mountain battle, in addition, the two sides also each will fight with the tigers, a and the remaining two games, the crow patriot and eagles, steelers bill and brown, from the perspective of course, is dominated steelers slightly.However, the two sides met for the first time win the raven, tell the difference between smoothing on the schedule again.For now, at home or steelers are larger in directly, and then get the division crown.

Al southern district situation is more complex, is now tied for the first three teams.Texans won the pony and Titan at home all the time, this week to Indianapolis and ponies, touch the final round to Nashville Titan.The pony is already double Titan.In addition to directly, the rest two texans jaguars and tiger, Titan will also touch the horse and the emirates, touch the Viking raiders and pony.So the Titan and pony race is much more dangerous than Texas, this, coupled with Texas had in the previous meetings, tries we think with the greatest chance of texans to get the top.

In the west, chief just beat raid on Thursday night race, completed the double of the latter, climbed to division crown, but the current record is the same and raiders, so want to keep division crown, the next game still cannot treat STH lightly, agents can also take the opportunity of the emirates up regain top spot.And after the game, the emirates conference record up to 4-0, the horse got the division crown’s hope become very slim.

In wild places, regardless of the emirates and final raiders who is the beauty of the west, the other side of the wild card slots are there is no suspense.For defending champion horse, the last three weeks, lien chan, the patriots, the chief and raids, will determine the success or failure of the season.Titanic in steelers, pony and keep wild opportunities at the same time, also is expected to be on the conference championship.Dolphins, bill even lightning how much some opportunities.In these teams, dolphins are on top, the next race is not difficult, the last week of rival patriot, there is likely to just coasting like last year.So if the wild horses have mishap, the dolphins will be the first competitors.

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