Premier league season will open

2016-17 premier league season will open the 13th round competition, Manchester united will face west ham at old trafford.Battle after 90 minutes, Manchester united and west ham 1-1 shaking hands, were four premier league home even, still, came in sixth place in the league, with eight points behind in the first four, 11 points behind the leaders.Sarkozy after 92 seconds after palmer free-kick cross making, ibrahimovic pogba cross head-butts equaliser 21 minutes.Mourinho referee was please stand.
After both sides the race between 134, Manchester united in a dominant position in the 62-29-43, one of the premier league era 40 times only 5 wins against west ham, the remaining 35 war 10 flat 25 take full sets.But the latest clash between the two sides in May this year, the hammers in his own home win 3-2 over 12 times in the face of the reds’ no victories awkward record.But at old trafford, west ham united 68 times at 14-8-46, the premier league era 20 times against the reds lost 17 of them.Manchester united last home defeat to rivals or in May 2007, after 10 unbeaten, west ham only recently can take away points 2 times to visit.
In the game, Manchester united defender, Luke shaw and marin injury, masha, reassignment, bastian schweinsteiger into the squad for the first time this season, weeks of central Europe league cup performance, good tower and Wayne rooney were boss jose mourinho on the bench, pogba, ibrahimovic single arrow;West ham, reed, Ma Suya library, torre, worship the lamb, carol and Oxford to injury, obiang from start, noble, lifted back, palmer latics trident.Dream start to kick off 92 seconds, west ham, lagarde trip over Mr Lin and send out the free kick, palmer and the box on the right side of free kick crossed, sarkozy middle rob making before zlatan ibrahimovic, 1-0.

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