New York knicks home game against

2016-17 of the regular season to continue, the New York knicks home game against the Sacramento Kings, eventually the knicks to a 106-98 victory over the king.It rose well had 20 points and six assists and six rebounds Madden Mobile Coins.
Both sides score (the knicks in the former) : 26-21, 29-20, 25-26-36, 21
The knicks: rose 20 points and 6 rebounds and 6 assists, 1 assists Anthony 20 points and 4 rebounds, wave 15 points, 14 rebounds, 2 assists god, Jennings 19 points and three assists
King: take an examination of hyacinth 36 points and 12 rebounds and 4 assists, guy 22 points, nine rebounds and 4 assists, collison 13 points and 3 rebounds and 6 assists
Open the first quarter, gay cause Anthony foul to get two free throws for the visitors Madden Coins.Jrue holiday in color with three points, and then the knicks drop form today, Ross continuous cic for the home team lead.Last time in the first quarter, take an examination of hyacinth Lawson’s pass and three points.The first home-country crowd the knicks led 26-21.
And time section, gomez free throws and Anthony breakthroughs on the road continues to expand the lead for the home team, gomez assists in the wave of god after dunking, the knicks will also lead to 13 points.The knicks play more and more yong, the Kings on this side fell into the overall downturn, the team feel slants cold, still can’t to close.Home-country crowd time section, the knicks leads the king with 55-41.
Easy edge to fight again, the knicks also continue to expand the lead, wave breakthrough with jumper god let the knicks will expand to 20 points.Then the Kings as if a flash back lost touch, started a kickback, three points two guy and collison net, take an examination of hyacinth layup hit two plus one, then the Kings collison kass guy was fouled after 10 goals in the card, the king will be closer to 1.During this time the king had the climax of the knicks a 21-2.Finally, the knicks with Jennings jumper the knicks to a 81-77 to end the third quarter.
Open late, god wave hit the cic, hyacinth foul and two free throws, kass steals rose after break layup.Then both sides score has been set, the knicks hold will lead the gap has been controlled in 3 minutes or so.At last the king didn’t also can create the miracle, 13 seconds before the guy with the three points of miss, after the knicks to a 106-98 win.
The knicks’ starting lineup: Derek, carmelo Anthony and Justin – Ross jrue holiday, kerry staples – Boer burgess, tianjin, joakim Noah
King’s lineup: DE marcus – take an examination of hyacinth, Rudy gay, darren collison, Allen, la rochelle, costa firth – library

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