National Derby last weekend

Zinedine zidane in last season’s fire coach succeed benitez as real Madrid, while in the league defeat to atletico Madrid, but later in the Spanish league unbeaten Madden Mobile Coins.National Derby last weekend, in Barcelona, real Madrid ramos in last minute header master of the game, help the battleship draw Barcelona, real Madrid still pressed for Barcelona in la liga by six points first.Zinedine zidane highlights the teaching achievement has become the focus of attention of the media and fans and Spanish daily marca also enumerate the zinedine zidane 11 great achievements since 11 months in office.
On January 4, 2016, zinedine zidane took over benitez’s real job, didn’t have a lot of people watch the from without a club coach, coach of the future.Especially when zinedine zidane in coaching real Madrid team B, the team’s performance is not outstanding, but it also added more fans and media of zidane’s suspicions
But their zinedine zidane led performance hit back at the question, the end of last season he led real Madrid winning streaks, almost reverse Barcelona victory.And, more importantly, zinedine zidane led into the champions league final, and eventually beat atletico Madrid won the club’s history 11 golden cup champions., the new season with a tie with Barcelona in la liga, zinedine zidane led in consecutive unbeaten in 33, beyond the former real Madrid coach carlo ancelotti in the 32 consecutive unbeaten record coaching real Madrid, the current real Madrid legend left in front of the French manager of 34 unbeaten record this hack.“Marca” in today’s special respect to anger zinedine zidane, and 11 of zidane took 11 months since feat had an inventory.
Zinedine zidane 11 major achievements:
1. Get real’s dressing room, allows players to the coach is full of trust
2. The first three home games to win.(5-0 deportivo, 5-1 sporting gijon, 6-0 Spanish)
3. Zidane beat roma in the champions league debut
4. Led real Madrid remain undefeated record in March
5. The first time in their own national Derby, zinedine zidane reverse charge in the case of a goal to beat the competition.
6. The champions league knockout round first leg 2-0 defeat at the Wolf fort, but in the second leg 3-0 score reverse opponents, into the next round, laid a solid foundation for the final of the champions league title
7. Lead the club’s history the 11th lift the champions league trophy
8. Led real Madrid won the European super cup
9. In the home of the atletico Madrid 5-1 calderon stadium in the 3-0 defeat rivals
10. National Derby for the first time in the new season back at the last minute
11. La liga is the pioneer of the new season, and in the case of injuries full camp remain unbeaten.

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