Manchester united in the league

Manchester united in the league at old trafford 1-1 draw by west ham, still came in sixth place in the league, with eight points behind in the first four, 11 points behind the leaders.Compared with the data, Manchester united’s another data more shocking, that is the game Manchester united back on 17 feet only achieved a goal, full of advantage but cannot convert advantages to overcome the winning.
Sky sports after the game, authoritative media also scoring ability of premier league teams did a statistics.According to statistics, Manchester united this season scoring opportunities created a total of 164 times, mourinho’s team eventually just 18 goals have been achieved.Is 9.1 times on average every chance to score a goal, such data third from bottom in the premier league, just ahead of west ham Southampton (9.8) and (11.7).
With Manchester united is in stark contrast to Arsenal and Chelsea, the two very promising for the championship this season team’s ability to grasp the opportunity in the premier league’s top two.Arsenal scoring opportunities created a total of 139 times, scoring 28 goals, an average of five opportunities can be converted to a goal, at the top of the row in the data.Chelsea are followed, create 164 chances, scored 29, 5.7 times on average every opportunity can transfer 1 grain of goal.Some of the unexpected is, row behind them is in the premier league this season “is in the sky” leicester city (6.1).
For Manchester united in the last few games, they are some of the “unlucky”, after mourinho said in an interview with the media and Manchester united this season is the most unfortunate of the premiership.Indeed, in the last few games, Manchester united against burnley slammed the 37 feet, in the game against stoke city 24 times, today in the morning of the game, Manchester united also shot 17 times.In so much effort, however, Manchester united just two goals have been achieved.Such data in a certain extent that Manchester united is a bit unlucky today, actually causing such a situation more “to” even Manchester united frontman’s ability to grasp the opportunity.
OPTA, on the other hand, after the end of the game against west ham united are a data statistics, the number of premier league created great opportunity in the 20 teams.Manchester united in the premier league this season absolute chances created 20 times in the premier league third, but they will be the best opportunity into a scoring rate is only about 30.77% of the poor, in the premier league last.

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