Liverpool offer Serie A demon was rejected

Liverpool this summer, the first successful collection of the Blue Army genius Suolan Ke, this is only the Red Army summer frenzy opening overturn. Since the introduction of a year ago, Klopp introduced the sweetness of the horse, the African players doubled the favor, so the second sign of the summer window naturally locked African attackers, even if the first offer Salah 2800 pounds was rejected, but slag Will win.
The personal agreement between Salah and Liverpool has not been much of a problem, the Egyptian winger’s agent flew to England in the middle of the week and was concerned about the red officer’s push; the former Chelsea demon also informed his friend that he might return to England The But the negotiations between the club is not so simple, according to the Italian media exposure, Liverpool to Sarah to Rome out of 28 million pounds offer, the Roman side that the offer is not enough to reflect the value of Salah , Asking for £ 40 million.
Liverpool is more uncomfortable, although Clop hands 150 million pounds of summer window inviting funds, but slag cool need to strengthen the location of many: Southampton for the Netherlands defender Van Dick price of 60 million pounds, this is the Red Army number one goal  ; Leipzig RB for Nabi – Keita price of 50 million pounds, the Red Army’s psychological price is 40 million or less. Clop won the two people need more than 100 million pounds, and then spend 40 million to sign Salah, Liverpool no longer take care of others, not enough money to enter the contract year Chamberlain.
Even so, the British media that the Red Army will meet difficulties. “Daily Mail” analysis: “Thursday night the Italian refused Liverpool’s first offer to Salah, but Anfield’s owner will not be retreated. Egyptian winger is Klopp’s signings in the top of the list Target, it is expected that the two sides will continue to negotiate, after all, the players themselves keen to return to the Premiership.


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