In recent two weeks

Tom brady in 39 day 124, the 17th season, 264 games, won the 201th career (including the playoffs), historical quarterback first wins this season Madden Mobile Coins.

In recent two weeks, he continuously surpass is: 199 – Brett – law, 200 – peyton manning, uncle and two have been retired, which means that the brady can maintain and continue to expand his record in the historical wins Madden Coins.

Look at efficiency, “iron man” Brett – method, 4 team with 20 seasons 326 games;“Iron man 2,” payton – manning 2 team with 18 seasons, 293 games, in terms of the efficiency of brady also is better than two, a team like brady, quarterly keep high winning percentage, the regular season wins three games, the four probably per dozen playoff about ten win seven games efficiency of terror, unprecedented, and newcomers?May not have!Russell Wilson career since the regular season and playoffs odds are at about seventy percent, if the career to maintain long enough, beyond the brady not impossible.

Well, the last day of September 2001, in the afternoon, sixty thousand viewers into fox fort stadium, three hours later, the fans have a harvest home triumph, but for also in the tunnel before the start of the nervous heart thud of brady, career first starts, ended in victory.Brady no touchdown pass less than 200 yards, it is far not enough to support the patriots scored 44 points, really decided to match, are defensive group three stolen rival quarterback, including tapping touchdown back twice.

Strange is, bailey’s brady in even more than the star quarterback drew – brad, brady and has since become the patriots first-choice starter, and scored 11 victories in the quarter.Career first playoff games, fox fort of ice and snow, brady, cut down the three hundred yards to deal with raiders, brother Charles brady Sherwood from a crash behind him feel, starting in the first quarter may be here now, “tucker rule” is not only to continue the patriot’s life, also changed history.Brady led patriots into the super bowl, the first three quarters, defense leading group help patriot than 3 17, but opponents ram is not underwhelming lot, they have had two years ago, super bowl win reverse experience, with less than a day, RAMS equaliser, time only less than two minutes.All over the world think patriot should safely let time run out, in an effort to overtime, but brady said to bailey, chuck, “look at me!”The story to the world shocked, 8 last moment pass 5, took the ball to the ram half-court 30 yards, for fencing hand Adam – wiener thierry is enough!Brady career wins and 14 is also one of the most important, from now on, brady, a champion.

Brady continued accumulation of 43 wins over the next three years, including the 38th and 39th annual super bowl champion, nine nine games in the playoffs, titles and four years three champions league, two super bowl MVP, from the brady became a household name across the giant, is also a beginning, inspiring stories come to an end.

In the spring of 2005 patriot and brady signed a big contract of tens of millions of annual salary, bailey’s understand, hard salary cap era, he has been unable to leave more star, one of the best assistant romeo – clay Neil also come away with me, will never go back to the once highly defensive group, he quietly told brady: “this is your team.”

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