Dallas cowboys to become the first team in the playoffs

Dallas cowboys didn’t play today, but they have to 11-1 en route to the playoffs Madden Mobile Coins.Their rival Washington red one the same district 23 today – 31 lost to the Arizona cardinals, the red one in the nl east left behind, cowboy takes the lead in Deus ex.On Thursday night, cowboy thrilling victory over the Minnesota vikings had 11 in a row, after the playoffs opportunity is close at hand.As the red one loss (6-5 minus one flat), 11 wins, the cowboy at least also can harvest the league wild card race seats for the playoffs.So cowboy next goal is to strive for the nl east side or the top seed, against New York giants cowboy next week, after the game is likely to decide the movements in the league rankings.After the giants will also face the Pittsburgh steelers, the eagle with area with rivals, red one team challenge, even if the giant has eight wins and four negative result is still the situation is not optimistic http://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-17/madden-nfl-17-coins.

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