Columbia plane crash this week

Columbia plane crash this week, killing 71 people, only 6 people lucky to survive plane crash, for sand peja kearns was devastating and killed as many as 19 players, only 3 people lucky survived, respectively is the internal, foreman, and Ruth cher.It should be pointed out that, in addition to the outside, the rest of the two survivors are suffered serious injuries, the amputation of a, another spinal fractures, the British media’s mirror newspaper said, the foreman and Ruth, even rehabilitation, also can’t get back on the pitch.As for inside, his father has on social media, said chapais kearns defender now recovery is very good, will continue to play to return to the pitch.
“My son is getting better and better now, he just had the leg surgery, the doctor is sure to help him to return to the pitch.”In her father’s wrote on social media, “thank you for your prayer, we will continue to be together with you, we need to wait for his recovery.”Within the department and secondary defender Joe is 31 years old, height 1 meter 95, Brazilian players, didn’t we experience.Once having played club santos in Brazil, in 2015 to join chapais kearns, two played 52 games of the season, scored four goals, and help the team win the league this season state.In addition, in does not help chapais kearns in South America cup final, unfortunately, encountered air crash on the way.
Although the than the foreman and Ruth cher, injuries were minor, but the physical and psychological wounds, will make his comeback road becomes quite difficult, will be out for the last three games this season.The chapais kearns cup final against Colombia in South America the national athletics has apply to the South American football, cancel the final two rounds, title awarded directly Brazilian club, to mourn in Colombia plane crash victims;As for the Brazilian league the last round of the tournament against atletico mineiro, CBF requirements chapais kearns sent U20 team, will be held a grand ceremony, festivals in Columbia plane crash victims.

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