But after just one season

Last season, masha, known as united’s thighs, rare phenomenon.But after just one season, masha is lost, state is very bad.Manchester united boss jose mourinho is very bad, he said: “I gave him chance again and again, but he repeatedly profligacy.”Along the way, probably won’t give mourinho masha’s chances of playing the French prodigy quickly reduced to SOB.
The mirror says: to masha, jose mourinho has warned, don’t wake up blowing northwest wind.In August 2015, Manchester united spent $36 million signing from Monaco little-known masha.Crazy at that time, the outside world all think that Manchester united, but masha, then play the biggest surprise, scored 17 goals in his first season, “the former with masha, after DE gea” become a Manchester united fan mantra.However, masha, the plight of the big change happened in this season, his apparent lack of confidence on the pitch, and always a face of gloomy, does not appear to have come out from the divorce.
The midweek champions league cup, masha, failed to make the squad, jose mourinho said they do so because of masha’s condition is not enough to play such a high intensity.This season, masha, currently only scored a goal for Manchester united, he also lost his position in the French national team.Not surprisingly, masha, also will miss united’s league with west ham at the weekend.
Jose mourinho has warned masha’s, he asked the latter must keep attention, show the desire to play football.“I can give you a chance, two opportunities, or even three chances.”Mourinho insisted: “but if you always don’t know to cherish, then the opportunity will be others take. The location of the appearance is depends on the player to win. Off the field, the players are friends and colleagues, they are together every day. But at the end of the day, they are competitors, they want to fight for his quota. Last season, united’s tactics may be suitable for masha, but this season is different.”
“Masha, perhaps accustomed to that style last season, he likes the ball control, passing. However, now changed tactics, he must take the time to adapt. In this position, we have, hope good, lagarde, DE Lin, mata, rush at such a player. I have a lot of choices, so he must work hard.”Mourinho said: “the midweek champions league cup, his body is no problem, but I must make a choice, I can’t get 12 appearances. You want to see, and good appearance, I also want to, so I have to give, tower chances.”
In addition, mourinho once again for the premiership champions Manchester united and hope.“We can’t give up, the table will change at any time. 18 years ago, I won the premier league, I’m sorry, is 18 months (innuendo arsene wenger again). At that time, I have the advantage of a 10 points, but only for a month, the city was caught up with us. Just a month, we lost the advantage of 10 points. Fortunately, the time we adjust in time, and eventually win.”The current table, 9 points behind the leaders Manchester united Chelsea, but don’t believe that falling day mourinho.
“Game is like this, at the same time of you get points, other people will also lose points. The season is very long, when you are unlucky, also can have personality the outbreak of the moment.”Mourinho said: “the strength of the premier league gap is not big, we defeat by Chelsea a 0 to 4, that is not normal. Instead of letting me a 5-0 win opponent, I prefer to win 5 games 1-0.”

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