Bell could catch up with the sprint

According to Spanish media, newspaper, bell for nearly four months.

In London this week, bear the ankle surgery, surgery is very successful, bell also started the recovery period of treatment.But for real Madrid, a piece of bad news, bell’s recovery may be a little longer than expected.Aspen newspaper pointed out that the team doctor group for bell recovery time, gives a numerical value: 4 months.At first, they expected bell will miss 2-3 months.This means, want to see real Madrid shirt again, may have to wait until next April.

Bell could catch up with the sprint phase of the season.But he is expected to miss 14 la liga matches, will also miss the club World Cup, because considering his recovery, he couldn’t travel to Japan with the team.16 of the champions league, bell is expected to also will not be able to attend.As for the king’s cup, if real Madrid reached the final, so have hope to be able to catch up with the bell.

Bear, the real Madrid on November 22 against the Portuguese sports, injury.

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