German sword championship! Arrogant

Russian local time Thursday, the Confederations Cup will be the second semi-final race: Sochi in Fischer Olympic Stadium, World Champion Germany will face the North American powerhouse in Mexico. In the press conference before the press conference, a reporter asked Loew “German team in the tournament in the last game, is in St. Petersburg (final match) or Moscow (third war game)?” At that time the German tanker at the helm The answer to the man is loud. “We’re going to St. Petersburg, of course,” said Loew, “as if his team could only be committed to three or four finals, that would be the strangest thing in the world.” It is noteworthy that when Loew replied to this question, his face without any “joking”, “tease you play” joking smile, there is no ordinary people swear, gambling when the solemn expression, he seems only In a calm statement of an objective fact. We can even understand Loew’s position and attitude: the reason why the German team to Russia to participate in this session of the Confederations Cup, the only purpose is to reach the St. Petersburg will start the championship runner-up final, and eventually won the cup.


Loew has such a feeling, in large part because the German team will always have a firm belief and strong self-confidence. Germanic chariot sword refers to the throne, is not arrogant, but the team’s strong psychological quality of the concentrated reflection. In the vast majority of international competitions, the German team is always able to achieve relatively good results, which is directly related to the German national character, character. 2004 European Cup, the German team stopped in the group stage, but from there, the German chariot in each contest are at least able to reach the semi-finals. In this session of the Confederations Cup, Loew did not recruit Thomas – Mueller, Hu Meier Si, Neuer and other core players, but even so, the German team is still four straight into the semi-finals.