Popular! Boer Tianjin Gisborne shirts out of stock

November 20, ESPN reporter Darren Rovell on Twitter revealed, NBA announced rookie Nick Krista Phillips – Boer Tianjin Gisborne jersey has been sold out, the new jersey will arrive tomorrow.

Boer Tianjin Gisborne hot popularity not only in jersey sales, he said the night before, his personal social networking site on more than 15,000 followers.

In yesterday’s game against the Hornets, Boer Tianjin Gisborne play well. In 31 minutes, he shot 10 in 17, scored 29 points and 11 rebounds to lead the Knicks defeated the Hornets.

“Social networking site is really crazy,” Regis Tianjin Boer said, “While I was here (New York), but I will focus on, but not fly up and now only playing 12 games, which just started, I’ll stay focused and continue through the coach asks me to do. ”

So far this season, Boer Tianjin Kyrgyz in 25.3 minutes in the field averaged 12.8 points and 8.6 rebounds.

Alliance announced a ban on Cousins

November 20, the Alliance announced the King center Demarcus – Cousins banned for a penalty.

The reason is that yesterday suspended the king away to the Hawks game, Cousins deliberately elbowing Hawks forward Al -? Horford head. When the value of the three referees have given a statement of this action, the Union by reviewing the game video made additional punishment.

King still lost the final game of the Eagles, Cousins got 24 points, 12 rebounds and three assists in the game.

Because the suspension, Cousins could not attend tonight’s game against the Miami Heat. This will be the first since the start of this season, he missed a game five times, four times in front of all because of the injury factor.

Bryant: If nothing changes, I will retire

November 20, according to “New York Daily News” reporter Frank Isola said the Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant – Bryant guest SiriusXM NBA Radio tells Coach K (Mike – Mike Krzyzewski, USA Basketball coach) own the future situation.

“If something changes, I will come back, and then lay the season,” Bryant said, “If something does not change, and this is my last season.”

37-year-old Kobe Bryant this season, averaging 30.4 minutes played, you can get 16.9 points 4.1 rebounds and 3.5 assists, while shooting 33.6 percent rate.

Lakers current record of 2 wins and 9 losses, ranked second to the west.

Wade Chris Bosh 47 points capture the King

Miami sits at home today ushered in challenging the king’s door, Demarcus – Cousins because the game was suspended for one game for elbowing Horford. Wade Chris Bosh scored 47 points together to help the Heat to establish superiority and maintain the lead until the end. Eventually, the home game of the Heat to 116-109 win over the Kings won the victory.

Heat data: Dwyane – Wade scored 24 points and six assists and five rebounds, Chris Bosh – 23 points and 11 rebounds and four assists, Hassan – Whiteside 12 points, five rebounds and four blocked shots. Substitute side, Taylor – Johnson 19 points and 3 assists.

Kings data: Rajon – Rondo scored 14 points and 18 assists and nine rebounds this – Maikelemo 17 points and three assists, Rudy – Rudy Gay 13 points and 12 rebounds. Substitute aspects, Marco – Marco Belinelli 23 points 1 rebounds, Willie – Cowley – Stan 11 points and five rebounds.

Heat home game state is not a good start, but the first offensive score Wade, the Heat then 7 shots all blacksmith. King here quite satisfactory, replace Cousins Koufos start twice in the paint starting to play the lead score to help the king. Heat slowly into the state and then getting back feeling, Bosh even vote with a penalty scored 4 points, Stoudemire consecutive labeled 2 + 1, the Heat gradually control the situation prevails. King here rely Belinelli hot pursuit score two three-pointers, but the outstanding performance of the Heat quickly to stabilize the situation, Taylor – Johnson even vote with a penalty scored 4 points, the Heat to 25-21 lead end of the first section of the King contest.

Second section back, Taylor – Johnson continued good state, he first hit the ball then Bosh jumper, then hit the outside looking for opportunities to pull three points. Kings rely Belinelli third foul stabilize the situation, then suspended again returned Hou Kasi than hit the third, King again narrowed the score. Stalemate is Taylor – Johnson, he once again hit the third to help the team opened the score, with Hou Boshi scored 4 points to lead widened to double digits. During the king into a scoring drought, 3 minutes and 45 seconds in that they only get 2 points. King finally found the offensive key moment of feeling, Guy and Maikelemo successive score, with 后麦克勒摩 outside third hit was the score narrowed to 7 points. But their defense is still unstable, Wade and Bosh consecutive goals to make the points difference is always maintained at 10 points up and down. Gay tipped whistle in the final moments before halftime to help the king to 46-56.

Easy side battles, the king back rest is clearly more proactive, they rely on good defense successfully locked opponents, while at Londo led with 6 points 4 points chase will be worse, which forced the Heat called early time out. Pause after returning to wade through personal ability to break through succeeded to stabilize the situation, but the feeling of the King find offensive and opponents hit exchange start, Maikelemo once again received a beautiful pass Rondo hit the third, the points difference once came 1 minute ! Demonstrate superior ability Wade critical moment, he recorded two shots to help the team to stabilize the situation and re-expand the advantage. Although the king can not defend the opponent, but the offensive end of the performance is good, Belinelli outside third again, the king only to catch up with the score. Whiteside key moment was only five percent of free throws to force, hit all four free throws to help the Heat spent threat period. Kings rely Stan score here will be sent out to six points entering the fourth quarter.

The last 12 minutes of the competition, the Heat shot a wave flow finally throw off opponents, Bosh start continuous long-range shot hit the points difference widened to double digits again, and then Steven Gerrard – Green and then in thirds Dragic Heat in the fourth quarter opened with a 15-5 offensive opened the score in one fell swoop. Return of the King launched the pause after the Jedi, the king of three consecutive three-pointers in a cold sweat scared out of Miami, including a record three Londo. Heat pause after returning back feeling, Bosh hit three outside, then storm into 2 + 1, but still difficult to pull a good performance score. King continued good performance, Bailey inside a runaway who chopped 10 points, including two three-pointers and three foul once manufactured, the king played offensive and once the score narrowed to 5 points ignite hope. But the king did not pause after returning continuing situation, Bailey inside the third missed, the Heat to foul tactics in the penalty 7 8, the final home game of the Heat to 116-109 win over the Kings get the victory.

Williams: By practicing yoga to stay healthy

November 20, Mavericks guard Deron – Williams said in an interview that he usually would by doing yoga to keep yourself healthy.

“I think it gave me help,” Williams said, “My ankle pain brought me a lot of problems, that is, after the older larger joint pain. Yoga is not only for my body to help it in spirit also good. ”

Williams is from three years ago to try yoga. This season, his hot yoga classes three times a week at the meeting.

“There are some places in my body aching,” Williams said. “I feel the pain of the body, if I do yoga for a while will feel better. I feel more relaxed, it helps me to sweat, to Some toxins from the body. ”

Mavericks Zaza – Pachulia, John – Jenkins and Justin – Anderson often go to a yoga class.

“In the beginning a bit difficult, but once you stick with it, your balance is getting better,” Zaza – Pachulia said, “It’s really helpful to you, in terms of both balance jumpers and free throws. ability is an important part of basketball. It is really useful. It’s not just for your spirit also helps the body. It makes you relax and forget everything around, very peaceful. ”

“Any game can help the things I’m willing to do it,” Jenkins said, “I like to sweat, I think as long as you participate in will find it is a good activity.

Stoudemire: Hasan to see more of the video game to learn

November 20, Miami veteran Amare – Amare Stoudemire said he experienced Hassan – Whiteside now through the stage. He suggested that Hassan see more video game, trying to improve their weaknesses.

“I’m on their weaknesses efforts, I am doing this,” Amare – Amare Stoudemire said. “After some time I know other teams will start specifically for me, so I started my own weaknesses on improvements. I saw more of the video game, trying to improve some of their technology. I’m constantly improve themselves. ”

“Other teams are from my rookie season, I started to pay attention,” he said, “I against Kevin – Kevin Garnett after the game, I did a great job of that.”

Amare – Amare Stoudemire refers to the December 30, 2002 loss to the Timberwolves game, he scored 38 points and 14 rebounds that day.

“A lot of teams are beginning to realize I would be able to influence a game player, so they began to restrict me in the game,” Amare – Amare Stoudemire said, “so I have to raise his game . ”

Amare – Amare Stoudemire says his experience on the Heat center Hassan – Whiteside help.

“Obviously, I and Hassan are two different style of play,” he said, “but I think the opponents will start to focus on his care, will try to prevent him from hitting the rim, let him receive in the basket lob pass. But I think he can see more videos, so he slowly progress, he would know that there are other methods to dominate the game. ”

What if he does not get a favorable whistled how to do?

“Well, sometimes it will be very very frustrating, because the more time you feel yourself being fouled,” Amare – Amare Stoudemire said, “so this requires more effort you put in at the gym , allow yourself to become stronger. You have to know your opponent’s defensive plan, turn it to your advantage. ”

Stoudemire believes Hasan also take some time to win more respect for referees.

“It takes some time,” he said, “I have also a very emotional player. So I do not know if the referee is not also used to me. The referee will take some time to get used to my emotions on the court, but once I went a few times All-Star, they will know that I will be playing for a long time in the NBA. ”

This season, Amare – Amare Stoudemire for the Heat played two games, played just 10 minutes, 6 points and 2 rebounds; Hassan – Whiteside played in 11 games for the Heat, played just 28.8 minutes, scored 15 points, 11.3 rebounds and 4.5 blocked shots.

Warriors to start the first five-game winning streak 13 Team

November 20, the Warriors 124-117 on the road Clippers reversed, ho to take 13-game winning streak, which allow them to become history’s first five get at least 13 wins and 0 losses in the opening team.

In addition, they also became only the second multi-start winning streak the defending champion, is ranked first 1957-58 season, the Celtics, when they scored 14 straight start.

ESPN’s BPI Index (index using a number of indicators to measure the ability of the team, integrated venue, attitudes, break, trek and before the desired distance, etc.) pointed out, the Warriors have a 60% chance to obtain start 16-game winning streak, thus breaking NBA teams start winning streak.

The game, the Warriors had a maximum 23 points behind, but they ultimately successful reversal. Counting from last season, a total of six times behind the Warriors in the game at least 20 points, the six games they scored 3 wins, 3 losses record, while other teams this data is 13 wins 486 losses.

Warriors in the first section of the game the Clippers got 41 points, the last five games in the first section opponents by at least 40 points in the game, the Warriors won all.

Including last season, the Warriors have been made in the regular season 17-game winning streak, the team Shi Liansheng refresh record.

Vote National Derby strongest array, Messi Cristiano column

Goal.com website voted the best team in the national derby result has been generated, the legendary Brazilian Ronaldinho and Real Madrid star C Lo was elected the best right wing and left wing, respectively.

Ronaldinho in Barcelona effect five years, won two league titles and one Champions League during, and Golden Globe winner C Lo is to attack his second league title.

Ronaldinho vote (49 percent) in the winger position gain the most, C Luo places 42% of the vote followed him. The forward position in the highly competitive, Massey 64% of the vote defeated Raul (15%), Ronaldo (16%) and other stars has been elected.

Best team result of the voting was as follows:

Goalkeepers: Iker Casillas

Defenders: Carlos Ramos, Puyol, Alves

Midfield: Xavi, Busquets, Zidane

Forward: C Ronaldo, Messi, Ronaldinho

Deulofeu may still return to Barcelona

Everton boss Martinez said, Barcelona is possible to six million pounds to sign and return Deulofeu.

This summer, Deulofeu to 4 million pounds worth joining Goodison Park, but there are provisions in the contract the right to the 21-year-old Barcelona teenager’s performance has significantly grow after he was brought back to the Nou Camp.

“If Barcelona want to activate the buyback clause nothing we can do, allowing them to join this clause is the only chance we are able to come into contact with the players they want.” Martinez said.

“They can not contract winter Deulofeu put back, can only do so even if Deulofeu return to Barcelona they can not sell him within one season after the end of the season, he must be on a team in a season when they When he decided to take to sell, we have pre-emptive rights, if we are not ready to buy it, we can get a large part of the transfer fee. ”

“We’re talking about a Ming Basa player, he was considered to become Barcelona’s top players, we are now at a very good price to get him.”

Manchester United fans to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the memorial day Best

Manchester United next week at home against PSV Eindhoven in the Champions League group stage, the Red Devils supporters will hang in honor of George West Stand at Old Trafford – Best of flags and banners.

Next week’s Champions League match, Manchester United legend George is just – Best’s death 10 anniversary. By then, the slogan will be, he wrote: “George … is the best (Best)”, while also in the flag printed on both sides of Northern Ireland’s head.

The fans of the organization, said: “This design is based on the 2005 we have designed a flag, but the flag was printed wearing a Manchester United shirt Best image.”

Best helped Manchester United won its first Champions League title in 1968, helped suffered 1958 Munich Massacre of the Red Devils re-boarded the pinnacle of Europe. And George – Best and his former teammate, Dennis – labor and Bobby – Charlton’s statue has been erected along in the outside Old Trafford, has become one of the eternal symbol of the team.

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