Messi free kick Jiangong Pique, Barcelona 2-1 Sevilla

8 minutes, Kolodziejczak grab shot hit high inside the restricted area. The first 12 minutes, Alex – Vidal sent Zhise, Suarez hit the door was saved Rico. The first 13 minutes, Messi corner, the center of the box after the ball hit the post pop-up, follow-up after Suarez heavy artillery kick hit the crossbar. The first 20 minutes, Sevilla become masters, Trémoulinas pass, the ball hit the far corner after Vitolo point broke, 0-1! The first 23 minutes, Busquets sent a long pass after the field, Rico time to attack the ball with ease. The first 30 minutes, Suarez made a for Barcelona before the games positioning the ball, Messi surgeon kick direct Leipzig ball over the wall and flew into the far corner, Rico put out less than 1-1! The first 37 minutes, Turan sent Zhise Messi kicker from the center penalty area the ball was resolved Rico. The first 42 minutes, Messi and Neymar kick into the box hit the wall with the door wide. The first half ended, the two sides battle 1-1.

Easy side battles less than 3 minutes, Barcelona go-ahead score. Barca in the corner after being destroyed reorganized within Suarez penalty area the ball Yi Zhu defensive player the ball back to do, Pick up Tuishe 2-1! The first 51 minutes, Gameiro alone in front of Bravo, Bravo with his body Tui was denied. Barcelona fought back immediately, after Neymar Messi received a pass all alone in front Rico, his shot saved by goalkeeper also go. The first 54 minutes, Busquets restricted line sudden Shi Leng Jian, the ball flying to defuse Rico. The first 60 minutes, Turan biography, Roberto header was dodge Suarez denied. The first 78 minutes, Sevilla corner, Enzo economic header wide. Since then both sides have offensive and defensive, but failed to rewrite the score. Final Barcelona 2-1 Sevilla.

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Wall Wizards 37 points reversal rate 76

Wizards vs. 76, the two teams are fighting back to back. Wizards outstanding performance in the first half, establishing a double-digit lead. However, the Wizards hit rate fell in the third quarter, 76 people hit the climax, single margin of 15 points, in one fell swoop to complete the go-ahead. But the Wizards in the last one back feel, to re-establish the lead. Eventually, the Wizards beat the 76ers 116-108 to obtain 3-game winning streak at the same time, gave 76 people 9 game losing streak.

Data Wizards: John – Wall 37 points, seven assists and four rebounds, Bradley – Bill 16 points 1 rebounds, Marcin – Gortat 18 points and 20 rebounds, 5 assists, Otto – Porter 10 points and six rebounds, Markieff – Morris 16 points and 12 rebounds and 5 assists, Ramon – Sessions 8 points and 2 assists.

76 Data: Ismail – Smith 25 points and seven assists, Nalun Si – Noel 11 points and 6 rebounds, Isaiah – Canandaigua 13 points, 3 assists, Robert – Covington 9 points, 5 rebounds, Nick – Stout Ilgauskas 10 points, three rebounds, Jeremy – Grant 14 points and 6 rebounds, 4 assists, Carl – Landry 15 points and 2 rebounds.

Wizards start to feel hot, hit two three-pointers Porter, Wal labeled as 2 + 1 and dropped into the third, Morris also scored 4 points, the Wizards gradually establish a lead. However, veteran Randall 76 people to stand up after scoring, he scored 5 points to help the team to narrow the score. However, 76 people at the end of this section hit rate fell, the Wizards took the opportunity to pull the score, rounded inside Wal scored 4 points, Gortat labeled as 2 + 1, Wizards was established 9-point lead. But Randall in this section last minutes sudden foreign investment and then scored four points to help the 76 people at the end of the first chase the score 23-27.

Bill and Sessions together for the Wizards scored six points in the early part of the second quarter, the Wizards extended their lead to nine points. But Grant 76, Ismail – Smith and after a series score, the score narrowed slightly to 76 people. However, after the Wizards Temple find touch, and he hit the third vote, to help the Wizards to expand the lead to double digits. The last paragraph of this section, the Wall and Bill together scored eight points to help the Wizards to maintain a big lead to 60-48 lead into halftime with 12 points.

76 people back in the third quarter off offensive chase points, Ismail – Smith and Covington hit the third, hit a wave of 10-0 76 people, in one fell swoop the points deficit to 4 points. After 76 more people to vote more smoothly, and Canaan Noel again in the third, then hit a wave of 76 10-0, one stroke ahead by 8 points. Wizards until the last paragraph of this section to find her touch, Bill dunk and hit in the cast, Dudley soared in the third, the Wizards answered with 8-0, in one fell swoop to tie the game. However, 76 people at the end of this section Grant scored six points to help the 76ers to 82-79 lead three minutes into the final section.

76 early in the fourth continuation of the hot hand, Stout Ilgauskas Holmes and again in the third, 76 to extend their lead to 7 points. However, after the Wizards fought back, Gortat scored six points in the paint, Wal soared in the third and 2 to complete the layup, the Wizards blasted a wave of 16-0, one stroke ahead 9 points. While Ismail – Smith in this half of the Festival for the 76 scored seven points, but the Wizards more flowering, Wall, Gortat, Bill and Morris and other continuous score fired back, firmly in control of the Wizards field situation. Eventually, the Wizards beat the 76ers to 116-108.

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Ranieri: Tottenham is the favorite to win the gunman

While leading the Premier League standings, but coach Claudio Ranieri stressed Leicester, Tottenham, Arsenal are the favorites to win the league.

Now ranked first in the Premier League Leicester City, Tottenham 2 points difference, followed by Arsenal, five points behind third. For all the team’s prospects for victory, Ranieri said: “I believe that Tottenham are favorites, Tottenham and Arsenal are the best players together at various locations, whether offensive or defensive, they know how they should do..”

“Everyone is talking about the city of Leicester, but few people pay attention to Tottenham. Tottenham in my opinion is most popular, followed by Arsenal, Manchester City. I know that we are pleasantly surprised, now motivated. But if we Realistically, you can say Leicester City kicked out of a great season, but the real title contenders Manchester City, Arsenal and Tottenham. Tottenham this season we have encountered is the best team. ”

“Our players must be under pressure as well as all of this growth. I am for the future to build the team, if someone can not cope with stress, then the future they will not continue to stay with me. Leicester City hope in the future 3-4 achieved growth in every season in this level of competition. competition for the top, I do not know, but the European Cup competition and the Champions League. ”

“Now we get pressure from the media and rumors experience, Barcelona, Real Madrid, this, that. This is great, 5 months ago no one considered the Leicester City and now we had a great season, these players the same must be kicked out of focus. we have no limit, we hope to do our best. ”

“Our work is done, we hope to avoid relegation, but if we play a game, then we can consider some of the new things we want to accomplish some outstanding achievements.”

Although the second half of the season, but Ranieri is not prepared to make adjustments to the team line-up. He said: “Everyone know us, but we must stick to their football, performance wise if we continue his football, continue to win, so why should I change it is, I am ‘Tinker’ but.? equally important win.

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Walker cut the Hornets with 26 points massacre sun

Hornets at home against the sun, the Hornets more flowering that is established in the first section 17-point lead, then they further expand the lead, was ahead 40 points or more, the game lost the suspense early. Ultimately, 126-92 victory over the Hornets at home to the sun.

Hornets data: Kemba – Walker 26 points and nine assists and six rebounds, Al – Al Jefferson 19 points and 7 rebounds, Nicholas – Batum 15 points, nine rebounds and four assists, Cody – Zeller 9 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists, Lin 6 points and 3 rebounds, Jeremy – Lamb 15 points and six rebounds, Frank – Kaminski 9 points and 4 rebounds.

Sun Data: Alex – Ryan 18 points and 12 rebounds, Tyson – Tyson Chandler 8 points 2 rebounds, German – Booker 13 points and two rebounds, Mirza – Taylor Bulatovic 17 points and 1 rebound, Archie – Goodwin 10 points and 4 rebounds.

Hornets start consecutive errors, the sun and Ryan Tucker counterattack succeeded, the sun played 4-0 start. However, the Hornets then gradually into the state, Batum labeled 2 + 1 and soared in the third, Walker even 2 jumper, the Hornets shot a wave of 14-2, one stroke ahead score and force the sun called moratorium. After the suspension, the Hornets continued good feel, Batum dunk, Walker layup and soared in the third, the Hornets 7-0, to extend their lead to 15 points. Although the sun’s Taylor Bulatovic and German – Booker hit three-pointers in the last paragraph of this section, but Walker even vote with a penalty scored 5 points retaliate, Al – Al Jefferson also scored six points inside, Hornets 35-18 ahead 17 points over the first quarter.

Expand the early part of the bench in the second quarter the two teams exchange that the sun’s Taylor Bulatovic layup and hit the third, but Kaminski scored four points retaliate, Lamb also dropped into third, the Hornets kept large score lead. Later, Batum and Marvin – Williams soared in the third, respectively, the Hornets shot a wave of 8-0 to expand the lead to 20 points or more. At the end of this section, the Hornets more investment and Shun Lee hit two in the cast, the Hornets 68-42 halftime lead with 26 points.

After the halftime break, Tyson – Tyson Chandler scored in the third one up 5 points to help the sun slightly reduce the points difference. However, Walker immediately respond, he even cast with a penalty scored 5 points to help the Hornets to expand the score again. Later, the Hornets then hit the climax, Walker and Lee soared in the third, Al – Al Jefferson scored in sudden foreign investment 6 points, the Hornets blasted 12-0, to extend their lead to 36 points. At the end of this section, German – Booker scored 5 points for the Suns, but Al – Al Jefferson shot 2 + 1 retaliate, Lamb also dropped into third, the Hornets to 98-61 lead 37 minutes into the final section.

Lamb came back in the fourth quarter in a row to score, he was suddenly outside investment and scored 7 points to help the Hornets extended their lead to 40 points or more. After Daniels dropped 2 three-pointers for the Hornets, the Hornets maintained a big lead, the game into garbage time completely. In the end, a victory over the Hornets at home the harvest.

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AC Milan 5-0 Alexandria

3 minutes, Malas outside the area suddenly Shi Leng Jian, being played too Abbiati confiscated. 7 minutes, Antonelli straight, cross the ball knock before Kuci Ka, Honda Keisuke close Qiangdian header above to miss the opportunity. 9 minutes, Malas straight, single-handedly won Feisinale hit the door was Abbiati denied. The first 20 minutes, Keisuke Honda sent overheads tear each other line of defense, after stopping the chest inside the penalty area Menez volley broke, 1-0! The first 24 minutes, Bonaventure opened the corner, Kuci Ka header ferry, in front Romagnoli Dianshe nets, 2-0! The first 39 minutes, Keisuke Honda pass found Polly, Polly ball low and flat, Menezes outflank broke, 3-0! The first half ended, Milan has three goals at hand.

Easy side battles, the first 70 minutes, Milan before the games positioning the ball, Balotelli directly hit the door just wide. The first 80 minutes, Milan corner, Sabato with Romagnoli Qiangdian contention accidentally kicked the ball into his own door, 4-0! The first 86 minutes, Keisuke Honda sent Zhise Baca alone in front of the keeper misses the target. The first 89 minutes, the hair was straight, Balotelli solo run easily Tuishe 5-0! The final whistle, AC Milan five goals victory, took the lead into the final.

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Lori cut 32 points jazz Lectra Raptors

After Detroit defeated the Raptors back home the challenges ushered in jazz. Lori and DeRozan cut together 63 points to lead the Raptors audience maintained a leading eventually to 104-94 home win.

Raptors data: Kyle – Lori 32 points and 5 assists, Demar – DeRozan 31 points, 5 rebounds, Terrence – Rose 11 points, three rebounds, Jonas -Valanciunas) 10 points and eight rebounds, Corey – Joseph 7 points and 3 assists.

Sir data: Gordon – Hayward 26 points and 6 assists, Derek – Favors 15 points, seven rebounds, Rudy – Goebel 10 points and eight rebounds, Raul – Neto 10 points and 2 rebounds, Trey – Burke 11 points and 1 rebounds.

An opening DeRozan layup, Lori hit a layup three-point stepping and positive response. Sir side, Gerber scored two consecutive inside fired back. Lowry today on a holiday full of blood resurrection, his four shots all hit, easily scored 10 points. After the first section of the second half, Favors and Valanciunas) inside you come to me, the score clenched. Hayward hit two consecutive jumper, the first section end of the game, the Jazz lead the Raptors to 26-24 two minutes into the second section game. Section 6-9 Hayward scored 13 points, the performance is very efficient.

Section II opening, the occasional shooting accuracy, Lyles launched into third, Johnson hit a layup the ball, the Jazz shot a wave of 7-2 offensive, forcing the Raptors request for suspension. Suspension back, the occasional one-third again, the Jazz lead to double digits. Critical moment, Terence – even Ross 2 three-pointers, then there is no continuity Jazz offense, both teams continued to score deadlocked. After half of the second quarter, Lori break layup DeRozan also labeled as 2 +1, the performance is not much better. Lori-thirds after the incident, the Raptors to 52-49 Jazz lead three minutes into the second half of the game.

The second half began, the ball Scola hit a layup, Valanciunas) caused by foul free throws, the Raptors continued offensive firepower. Sir outdone: Favors labeled 2 +1, 2 consecutive hook Booker network administration retaliate. Half of the third quarter, Ingles, Liles and Neto launched into third, helping the Jazz to score closer. Mike today slump, 6 shots were not fruitless, and also appeared in a team-high three turnovers. Hayward not in the third, the third quarter ended, the Raptors to 83-74 Jazz lead 9 minutes into the final section of the competition.

Distal opening, Burke 2 consecutive times the ball hit a layup to help the Jazz approaching the score. But Lori 2 consecutive retreat step jumper network, will stabilize the situation in Toronto. Sir Young’s two high inside pitch continue to cause destruction, but Goebbels was a critical moment missed two free throws. When less than one minute left in the game when the Raptors still led by eight points, the game has lost its suspense, final Raptors home win.

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Rose 16 points and the Bulls away negative Magic

Sits at home to usher in magic bull today challenges the outstanding performance of the Magic build the first section 10-point lead early in the game to lay the tone, and ultimately, the Magic beat the Bulls 102-89 to win the victory.

Magic Data: Nikola – Vucevic 24 points and seven rebounds, Aaron – Gordon 13 points and 15 rebounds, Mario – Haizuo Virginia 21 points and five rebounds, Elfriede – Payton 9 points and 12 assists, Victor – Oladipo 17 points and seven rebounds.

Bulls data: Derek – Rose 16 points, six assists and four rebounds, Paul – Gasol 12 points and five rebounds, Doug – McDermott 11 points and four rebounds, Bobby – Portis 9 points 6 rebounds and 5 assists.

Vucevic high hook goal opened the game off, the Bulls rely on moles of 2 + 1 first points made in this field. Magic start was even better, Haizuo Virginia and Payton have been hit three-pointers, the Magic before the first pause to 14-5 lead. Bulls still can not find the pause after returning defensive approach, good CIC Vucevic even hit a three-pointers. Bulls occupy slightly below the stalemate scene initiative, Gasol hit consecutive free throw line near the shooting, the Bulls chase the score 6 points. Pause Return Bulls still can not defend the opponent’s third, and Virginia Haizuo Ilyasova hit three successive points difference is re-opened. The first section of Harding Park, the Magic to 33-23 an early 10-point advantage.

Section back, McDermott third quite critical, with Portis scoring after shooting, the Bulls once again reduce the score to 5 points. But then suddenly misfiring Bulls make the team again reached an impasse, although the performance of the same magic is bad, but with a wave of 8-0 offensive during the magic once again opened the score. Bulls score off them quite hurt, but the Magic can always find a way to hit back, Payton sent assists to help his teammates hit consecutive shots, the Magic scored six points to widen the advantage to 15 points. Huo Ledi and the last paragraph of the Bulls rely on Dunleavy’s two three-pointers to stabilize the situation. Harding Park half, the Magic to 60-50 maintained a 10 point advantage.

Easy side battles, the Bulls still have a good performance on the offensive end, but the defensive end did not always satisfactory, Virginia Haizuo then Vucevic pass easily hit shots, Oladipo the aid of the pick and roll high shooting succeed, with Haizuo Virginia again in the third, the magic lead reached a maximum of 20 points! Dunleavy key three to help the Bulls to stabilize the situation, then Brooks also makes a record one-third, although although unable to narrow the score, but did not allow the opponent to continue to pull big advantage. Three Harding Park, the Magic to 84-67 maintained a 17-point advantage.

17-point deficit to make very strange form, from the urgent need to speed on the counter effect of the bull has been good, although they pause before the first score did not make magic, but his side only three points is not dominant. Pause Return of Magic quickly control the situation, Vucevic first assists Haizuo Virginia layup, followed by his post storm hook shot. Magic not only maintains the advantages of a big score, while also consume a lot of time. The last paragraph of the Bulls continue to accelerate, but since the overall offensive frequently blocked, ultimately, hold the lead and the Magic beat the Bulls 102-89 to win the victory.

Liverpool 3-0 Manchester City

The game, the offensive line with Lallana Liverpool and Origi Kudiniao replace the present Turk, Lovren starters return from injury, Skrtel also recovered from injury off the bench on standby. The first 11 minutes, Silva takes the free positioning the ball to open the box, Fernandinho headed top side. The first 22 minutes, Lallana put a ball to the feet of Phil minocycline, minocycline Phil turned to volley hit too is not a threat to Hart. The first 25 minutes, Stirling outside the area long-range wide. The first 33 minutes, Lallana process before the ball field sudden Shi Leng Jian, the ball flying into the corner affixed Hart helpless, 1-0! The first 40 minutes, Phil Mino cross, Tongshe break Milner inside the penalty area, 2-0! Milner break the old main gate. Half-time, Liverpool 2 Manchester City goal lead.

Easy side battles, surrounded by boos mediocre Stirling replaced by Bernie. The first 47 minutes, Milner ball found Ao Liji, Ao Liji small-angle shot blocked by Hart. The first 56 minutes, the restricted area before Lallana sent pass, Phil Camino Tui gain another victory, 3-0! The first 59 minutes, Manchester City player backcourt turnovers, seize the opportunity Milner heavy shelling of the door, Hart saved the ball flying. The first 84 minutes, Henderson takes the direct center of the box before the games positioning the ball slightly wide of the left goal post. The final whistle, Manchester City 3-0 win over Liverpool.

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Curry cut 33 points third consecutive victory

Following Curry ultra-long lore Thunder, Thunder Warriors battles back home, the two sides still locked in the performance of the first three quarters, the Warriors distal show strong rule of force, they played 8-0 offensive stalemate at the moment direct pull open a lead score after Curry even in the two three-pointers in mind unreasonable directly locked game. Eventually, the home game of the Warriors 121-106 to clinch the Thunder.

Data Warriors: Stephen – Curry 33 points, four rebounds and four assists, Klein – Thompson 21 points and three assists, Bradley Richmond – Green 14 points, eight rebounds and seven assists, Harrison – Barnes 14 points, 7 rebounds, five assists, Shawn – Livingston 11 points and eight assists.

Data Thunder: Kevin – Durant 32 points and 10 rebounds and nine assists, but also nine turnovers, Russell – Westbrook 22 points, seven assists and six rebounds, Serge – Ibaka 20 points 6 rebounds, Kyle – Singler 9 points and two rebounds.

Green Warriors first attack they created a foul, two free throws, but he has all blacksmith. Durant scored based games kicked off, the Warriors get the first three points by Barnes points. Both sides start to behave quite stalemate, Green outside third to help the team in the lead again, by virtue of Thunder Durant scoring biting score. Curry finally found the feeling of the last paragraph of his two three-pointers to help the team record unreasonable regain the lead. But the Thunder side of the state as well, the last paragraph of Durant hit all five free throws, Thunder to 28-29 only 1 point behind the Warriors.

Section two sides continue to maintain a hot state, the Warriors easily succeed here Speights high jumper, followed by Livingston labeled 2 +1, Thunder Durant assists West side jumper, reached the basket and then himself under layup. Warriors side of the third of the rain in the subsequent start of the next up, Thompson and Speights scored consecutive three-pointers to help the Warriors the lead. Under the stalemate Thunder always scored goals to catch up the score, Westbrook and continuous Kantor reached the basket to score, the Thunder scored six points again tied the score. Both of you come to me to show maintained until the last, the last paragraph of the two teams have almost how how to vote, Curry hit a last-minute three-pointers and scored a record playing board, half of Harding Park, the Warriors 63- 61 continue to maintain a slight advantage.

Adjust the back half, the Thunder fast heat early into the state, they will not only allow the Warriors first pause before a scoreless, but his side scored six points ahead score. Barnes high shots to help the Warriors to break the deadlock, then again in the Barnes outside third, the Warriors responded with a fiery performance of the opponent. Stalemate Westbrook and Durant have hit the third, the Thunder with a strong counter-attack once made 9-point lead. The last paragraph of the Warriors play counterattack, Speights high shooting succeed, Curry reached the basket layup, the Warriors before the end of the third quarter to chase the score 1 minutes into the fourth.

The last 12 minutes of fierce competition, the Warriors start first force, even before their first suspended seven points ahead and opened the score in the 45 degree position where Speights do not hesitate to directly hit the third. Pause Return of Thunder quickly enter the state, first reached the basket Durant dunk, then go baseline layup labeled 2 +1. Thunder although they could not complete the go-ahead, but the performance they strive to help them biting score. Time Warriors once again become the last paragraph, Curry reached the basket labeled 2 +1, Thompson empty cut the basket dunk, the Warriors played a wave 8-0 offensive to establish direct 12-point advantage. Thunder thereafter forced to take tactical foul, hit two free throws, but Bogut calm Thunder no way. Curry then again in the three-point arc, the Warriors firmly keep double-digit lead until the end. Eventually, the home game of the Warriors to 121-106 win over the Thunder won the victory.

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C Ronaldo: Real Madrid win the Champions League motivated

Although in the league this season, has been almost missed the championship, but the Real Madrid star C Ronaldo said the team will work hard to win the honor in the Champions League.

In Rome’s first leg clash in the Champions League knockout, C Ronaldo to help the team in the 2-0 win over the Portuguese in Italy that the team played a very beautiful game. On a commercial activity in Madrid, C Ronaldo said: “In the face of Rome we played well.”

Frequency “Now we’ll home advantage, but we can not be too optimistic this season in the Cup and the league we are very difficult, but we have a chance to win the Champions League. This makes us a dynamic, because there is no team to win the Champions League more than Real Madrid. ”

In talking about his favorite way to score when, C Ronaldo said: “I dream of the perfect goal is to lead the way out of the other 11 players and score, but this is what will happen in the PS game.”

“In my opinion, if you do not strive to pay, your talent is worthless. I think their level is almost always at such a level, I hope I can keep going for the team, supporters and myself fans to win collective honor and personal honor. this is what I insist on this road power.

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