Columbia plane crash this week

Columbia plane crash this week, killing 71 people, only 6 people lucky to survive plane crash, for sand peja kearns was devastating and killed as many as 19 players, only 3 people lucky survived, respectively is the internal, foreman, and Ruth cher.It should be pointed out that, in addition to the outside, the rest of the two survivors are suffered serious injuries, the amputation of a, another spinal fractures, the British media’s mirror newspaper said, the foreman and Ruth, even rehabilitation, also can’t get back on the pitch.As for inside, his father has on social media, said chapais kearns defender now recovery is very good, will continue to play to return to the pitch.
“My son is getting better and better now, he just had the leg surgery, the doctor is sure to help him to return to the pitch.”In her father’s wrote on social media, “thank you for your prayer, we will continue to be together with you, we need to wait for his recovery.”Within the department and secondary defender Joe is 31 years old, height 1 meter 95, Brazilian players, didn’t we experience.Once having played club santos in Brazil, in 2015 to join chapais kearns, two played 52 games of the season, scored four goals, and help the team win the league this season state.In addition, in does not help chapais kearns in South America cup final, unfortunately, encountered air crash on the way.
Although the than the foreman and Ruth cher, injuries were minor, but the physical and psychological wounds, will make his comeback road becomes quite difficult, will be out for the last three games this season.The chapais kearns cup final against Colombia in South America the national athletics has apply to the South American football, cancel the final two rounds, title awarded directly Brazilian club, to mourn in Colombia plane crash victims;As for the Brazilian league the last round of the tournament against atletico mineiro, CBF requirements chapais kearns sent U20 team, will be held a grand ceremony, festivals in Columbia plane crash victims.

Bell could catch up with the sprint

According to Spanish media, newspaper, bell for nearly four months.

In London this week, bear the ankle surgery, surgery is very successful, bell also started the recovery period of treatment.But for real Madrid, a piece of bad news, bell’s recovery may be a little longer than expected.Aspen newspaper pointed out that the team doctor group for bell recovery time, gives a numerical value: 4 months.At first, they expected bell will miss 2-3 months.This means, want to see real Madrid shirt again, may have to wait until next April.

Bell could catch up with the sprint phase of the season.But he is expected to miss 14 la liga matches, will also miss the club World Cup, because considering his recovery, he couldn’t travel to Japan with the team.16 of the champions league, bell is expected to also will not be able to attend.As for the king’s cup, if real Madrid reached the final, so have hope to be able to catch up with the bell.

Bear, the real Madrid on November 22 against the Portuguese sports, injury.

Belgian single-pole shot hit the post

The 16/17 season 1/16 Spanish king’s cup final round 1 is a big match.6 to 0 victory over atletico Madrid away little walsall JiHu, brace and 6:00 PM to make a penalty kick around.
Atletico Madrid in the 29th minute break the deadlock, 6:00 PM box on the left side of the diving obviously, but the referee is mistake for the penalty.Ur to deceive the goalkeeper, the penalty kick into the goal middle road.Carrasco then the woodwork on two occasions in 4 minutes, 34 minutes Belgian single-pole shot hit the post.Four minutes Mr Correa, a box on the left side of the cross tipped round before 6:00 PM penalty box and hit the crossbar.
Before halftime, atletico Madrid expand advantage.Thomas midfielder, and, blessing surrey section area on the right side of his right foot volley scoring.2-0, atletico Madrid with two ball lead into halftime.
Start in the second half stage, atletico Madrid even three goals.Direct passing 49 minutes, Mr Correa midfield, carrasco area middle single-pole finish, 3 to 0.53 minutes when ur area on the left side of the cross offside, carrasco road flank cut gate successful, 4-0.58 minutes Lucas box on the left side of the cross offside, Mr Correa middle small box finish, 5-0.Atletico Madrid scored 6, 85 minutes after running to the surrey family right cross, roberto area road turned and pushed his right, 6 0.Atletico Madrid six goals to win finally, one foot has ushered in 16.(Ding Wu)
Atletico Madrid (4-4-2) : 1 – moya / 16 – f surrey, 15 to savage, 24 – Jimenez, 19 – Lucas / 8 – Mr Ulrich, 22 – Thomas, 27 – enrique (69 ’39 – moreno), 23 – cover temple / 10-6:00 PM (59′ 42 – arruda), 11 – Mr Correa 34 and ole cloth (81 ‘)

South America cup final

This summer to join in hebei huaxia happiness aloisio foreign aid, once in 2011 to kearns, sand in shocked the world after the disaster, buffalo also expressed condolences to his former club.
Aloisio in personal social media page wrote: “what a sad day, I lost my friends and teammates.”He also attached a picture of their effectiveness when ShaEnKe Perth.
Aloisio immediately issued a picture, other images on a plane with ShaEnKe Perth badge is in forward flight, aloisio among the caption wrote: “2009 – bardeen league, 2012 – c league, 2013 – b, 2014 – brasileiro league, 2016 – South America cup final, scaling new heights, they arrived in heaven.”
Aloisio also changed his own head for the black and white ShaEnKe Perth badge, as a token of their grief.

Manchester united in the league

Manchester united in the league at old trafford 1-1 draw by west ham, still came in sixth place in the league, with eight points behind in the first four, 11 points behind the leaders.Compared with the data, Manchester united’s another data more shocking, that is the game Manchester united back on 17 feet only achieved a goal, full of advantage but cannot convert advantages to overcome the winning.
Sky sports after the game, authoritative media also scoring ability of premier league teams did a statistics.According to statistics, Manchester united this season scoring opportunities created a total of 164 times, mourinho’s team eventually just 18 goals have been achieved.Is 9.1 times on average every chance to score a goal, such data third from bottom in the premier league, just ahead of west ham Southampton (9.8) and (11.7).
With Manchester united is in stark contrast to Arsenal and Chelsea, the two very promising for the championship this season team’s ability to grasp the opportunity in the premier league’s top two.Arsenal scoring opportunities created a total of 139 times, scoring 28 goals, an average of five opportunities can be converted to a goal, at the top of the row in the data.Chelsea are followed, create 164 chances, scored 29, 5.7 times on average every opportunity can transfer 1 grain of goal.Some of the unexpected is, row behind them is in the premier league this season “is in the sky” leicester city (6.1).
For Manchester united in the last few games, they are some of the “unlucky”, after mourinho said in an interview with the media and Manchester united this season is the most unfortunate of the premiership.Indeed, in the last few games, Manchester united against burnley slammed the 37 feet, in the game against stoke city 24 times, today in the morning of the game, Manchester united also shot 17 times.In so much effort, however, Manchester united just two goals have been achieved.Such data in a certain extent that Manchester united is a bit unlucky today, actually causing such a situation more “to” even Manchester united frontman’s ability to grasp the opportunity.
OPTA, on the other hand, after the end of the game against west ham united are a data statistics, the number of premier league created great opportunity in the 20 teams.Manchester united in the premier league this season absolute chances created 20 times in the premier league third, but they will be the best opportunity into a scoring rate is only about 30.77% of the poor, in the premier league last.

Premier league season will open

2016-17 premier league season will open the 13th round competition, Manchester united will face west ham at old trafford.Battle after 90 minutes, Manchester united and west ham 1-1 shaking hands, were four premier league home even, still, came in sixth place in the league, with eight points behind in the first four, 11 points behind the leaders.Sarkozy after 92 seconds after palmer free-kick cross making, ibrahimovic pogba cross head-butts equaliser 21 minutes.Mourinho referee was please stand.
After both sides the race between 134, Manchester united in a dominant position in the 62-29-43, one of the premier league era 40 times only 5 wins against west ham, the remaining 35 war 10 flat 25 take full sets.But the latest clash between the two sides in May this year, the hammers in his own home win 3-2 over 12 times in the face of the reds’ no victories awkward record.But at old trafford, west ham united 68 times at 14-8-46, the premier league era 20 times against the reds lost 17 of them.Manchester united last home defeat to rivals or in May 2007, after 10 unbeaten, west ham only recently can take away points 2 times to visit.
In the game, Manchester united defender, Luke shaw and marin injury, masha, reassignment, bastian schweinsteiger into the squad for the first time this season, weeks of central Europe league cup performance, good tower and Wayne rooney were boss jose mourinho on the bench, pogba, ibrahimovic single arrow;West ham, reed, Ma Suya library, torre, worship the lamb, carol and Oxford to injury, obiang from start, noble, lifted back, palmer latics trident.Dream start to kick off 92 seconds, west ham, lagarde trip over Mr Lin and send out the free kick, palmer and the box on the right side of free kick crossed, sarkozy middle rob making before zlatan ibrahimovic, 1-0.

But after just one season

Last season, masha, known as united’s thighs, rare phenomenon.But after just one season, masha is lost, state is very bad.Manchester united boss jose mourinho is very bad, he said: “I gave him chance again and again, but he repeatedly profligacy.”Along the way, probably won’t give mourinho masha’s chances of playing the French prodigy quickly reduced to SOB.
The mirror says: to masha, jose mourinho has warned, don’t wake up blowing northwest wind.In August 2015, Manchester united spent $36 million signing from Monaco little-known masha.Crazy at that time, the outside world all think that Manchester united, but masha, then play the biggest surprise, scored 17 goals in his first season, “the former with masha, after DE gea” become a Manchester united fan mantra.However, masha, the plight of the big change happened in this season, his apparent lack of confidence on the pitch, and always a face of gloomy, does not appear to have come out from the divorce.
The midweek champions league cup, masha, failed to make the squad, jose mourinho said they do so because of masha’s condition is not enough to play such a high intensity.This season, masha, currently only scored a goal for Manchester united, he also lost his position in the French national team.Not surprisingly, masha, also will miss united’s league with west ham at the weekend.
Jose mourinho has warned masha’s, he asked the latter must keep attention, show the desire to play football.“I can give you a chance, two opportunities, or even three chances.”Mourinho insisted: “but if you always don’t know to cherish, then the opportunity will be others take. The location of the appearance is depends on the player to win. Off the field, the players are friends and colleagues, they are together every day. But at the end of the day, they are competitors, they want to fight for his quota. Last season, united’s tactics may be suitable for masha, but this season is different.”
“Masha, perhaps accustomed to that style last season, he likes the ball control, passing. However, now changed tactics, he must take the time to adapt. In this position, we have, hope good, lagarde, DE Lin, mata, rush at such a player. I have a lot of choices, so he must work hard.”Mourinho said: “the midweek champions league cup, his body is no problem, but I must make a choice, I can’t get 12 appearances. You want to see, and good appearance, I also want to, so I have to give, tower chances.”
In addition, mourinho once again for the premiership champions Manchester united and hope.“We can’t give up, the table will change at any time. 18 years ago, I won the premier league, I’m sorry, is 18 months (innuendo arsene wenger again). At that time, I have the advantage of a 10 points, but only for a month, the city was caught up with us. Just a month, we lost the advantage of 10 points. Fortunately, the time we adjust in time, and eventually win.”The current table, 9 points behind the leaders Manchester united Chelsea, but don’t believe that falling day mourinho.
“Game is like this, at the same time of you get points, other people will also lose points. The season is very long, when you are unlucky, also can have personality the outbreak of the moment.”Mourinho said: “the strength of the premier league gap is not big, we defeat by Chelsea a 0 to 4, that is not normal. Instead of letting me a 5-0 win opponent, I prefer to win 5 games 1-0.”

In the latest promotional activities

In the latest promotional activities, messi media interview, talked about many topics, including Barcelona “messi dependence”

The champions league

“We’re a little slow, but very pleased the team to qualify. We knew in advance the game will be very difficult, but we achieve the goal of the qualification. We know of that kind of atmosphere (the celtics), Glasgow I played there in the past, also went to the ball, I am glad the scoring two goals.”

The la liga to the royal society

“This requirement is very high, for us rival state is very good, the upward momentum, strive for champions league qualification. The road is very difficult for us, we must take all three points.”


“Over time, a person always is growing up. You will learn something from those hard times. It has nothing to do with the outcome, I want to win, I would like to achieve all my goals, but if can’t do that, at least tried, this is very important.”

Messi dependence

“There is no such thing. I don’t think the best team in the world can only rely on a player, I don’t think so.”

Changes in the image

“Have a variety of reasons, including from scratch. In lose on penalties after the copa America, this is all I want to change a way.”

Spanish giants Barcelona away tallied Scottish giants Celtic 2-0

16/17 champions league group C 5 wheel group is a key battle. At Celtic park, Spanish giants Barcelona away tallied Scottish giants Celtic 2-0 and 12 points to qualify early and locking group leaders, the celtics last 2 points to determine the team. Messi scored twice, the club career international tally to 100 pitches, Malone barca career debut.

In the history of the champions league, a total of the two sides met nine times, Barcelona 7-1-1, goal of 25 than 8. On the road against the celtics, barca going 3-1, for the goal of 8 than 5. Barcelona’s only loss to the celtics, occurred in the group stage in the 12/13 season, Barcelona away lost 2-1 at that time. On both sides for the first time this season, Barcelona home 7-0 massacre the celtics. Barcelona rotate 5 people, Lionel messi, recovering luis suarez lifted back, alba, Kitty and Andre – gomez also into the starting lineup. Andres iniesta, mathieu and um deedee injured truce, alex – vidal and full hundred out due to technical reasons.

Within 8 minutes and messi midfield, omar cut inside the left after deliberately put the ball stops, messi box on the left side of the small Angle volley from his left foot was defender shovel out. 15 minutes messi inside the ball, alba box on the left side of the nabla knock back, front messi left-footed finish the far post. 18 minutes of alba box on the left side of the bottom line cross, after Kitty’s header, messi six-yard box road left foot loose failed to hit the ball, the ball rub the far post fly out of the bottom line. Mar 21 minutes left corner, Andre – front gomez ejection by Gordon saved his heel. 22 minutes, Olivia has tactical fouls pull down Lionel messi was booked.

Mar 23 minutes left lobbed pass, Lionel messi on the left side of the six-yard box before volleying left-footed scoring. Leading 1-0, Barcelona away, Lionel messi in personal 8 goals in the champions league this season! 25 minutes, Mr Lai middle forcibly turned and shot of the area, javier mascherano will be off the ball. 35 minutes, Mr Lai tipped round on the left, the area, root of straw immediately after the ball. 40 minutes messi the box on the right side of the bottom line crosses, luis suarez penalty box road header, Gordon single palm the ball magic saved, then alba midfielder tactical foul tackle Sinclair was booked.

The European Champions League

The European Champions League group stage 5 ushered in a focus of the war, the defending champion Real Madrid away to Portugal over rivals Sporting Lisbon. The first half of Walla broke, the second half Bell and Marcelo has been replaced by injuries, Joao Pereira red card sent off, Cohen Bertrand sent a penalty, Adrian – Silva hit the target, the Zerma header lore, the final Real Madrid away 2-1 victory over Sporting Lisbon, ahead of a group stage, the current points behind Dortmund, ranked second in the group.
Two teams in the history of the war in Europe a total of 5 times, Real Madrid to 3 wins and 1 loss of 1 level prevail. In the Champions League, the two teams played a total of 3 times, 2000-2001 season group match, Real Madrid away with the opponents tied 2-2, Pinto and Andre – Cruz scored 2 goals, Robert – Carlos and Jorge Followed by equalizer. The home is by virtue of Morientes scored twice as well as Savio, Guti’s goal, 4-0 sweep of Sporting Lisbon. In addition the two teams in the 1994-1995 UEFA Cup game played against, when Real Madrid 1-0 win at home, away 2-1. Two teams this season, the first leg grips, Real Madrid 2-1 home win reverse, C Luo and Morata scored two goals to complete the reversal.